Lagos task force used a commercial bus to crush a motorcyclist’s leg, (photo)

The incident was said to have occurred on Sunday while the officers tried to apprehend Segun for riding his bike on a road that was limited.

After knocking Segun , the officers left the 38-year-old, who suffered a right ankle and impounded his bike.

It was assembled that Samaritans, hurried him into the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja and such as policemen in the Akinpelu Police Division, rescued Segun.

Segun stated he had been on his way once he was rammed by the task force employees with all the bus to select a passenger.

He said that despite maintaining an injury he was dismissed by the guys impounded his bike and left him.

I had been pumped down, the officers jumped to grab my bike. I pushed me stating all although I attempted to resist them.

I will walk. Some good Samaritans, such as policemen, who had been on patrol, took me into the LASUTH."

Bukola, segun's spouse, stated her husband was moved into a hospital including that a great deal of money was expended on his own bills.

The task force, Olayinka Egbeyemi's Chairman, said the bureau advised Segun to show details to back his claims up that an investigation can commence in the incident and didn't operate on Sundays.

Egbeyemi stated,"We do not operate on Sundays; it had been on Monday we impounded motorcycles. In case the sufferer recognises these officials' faces or knows the titles, he must come to me personally. I deal with facts; we do not utilize vehicles to function, since we now have our patrol vehicles and an motorcycle can not be brought by anyone on a obligation into our workplace, where he got it out of, since I shall ask him.

They won't even fetch a bike understanding that someone was hurt. Inform us their names instead. It's not the job force which enforces the ban on bike operations it's the job of the state police control that is full.

Egbeyemi explained on Tuesday during a parade, that 134 bikes were impounded from motorcyclists, who plied paths that were restricted .

He explained since the motorcyclist rode from the traffic that an O'Ride power bicycle was impounded.

The task force chairman stated the bikes were captured at the Yaba, Marina, Apongbon and CMS region of the country, including that the clampdown on motorcyclists would extend to Ajah Victoria Island and Lekki to set a test.

Egbeyemi stated,"The paths they're plying are limited in compliance with the Lagos State Traffic Law, which says that each bicycle operator should wear crash helmet, be over 18 decades, avoid driving kerbs/medians/road setbacks and limited paths, avoid carrying over 1 passengers/pregnant women/adults with babies/children under 12 decades, prevent installing any musical gadgets, should use an apron and ought not to work beyond 10pm, function with an Attorney's license and have the bikes registered with the authorities.

This O'Ride motorcyclists' recklessness is turning into a problem since they ride against the traffic and forth flyovers, blowing off. The Lagos State traffic guidelines should be adhered to by them, or even the bureau will probably likely be difficult on them.

We're all set to make certain the Lagos traffic laws are adhered to and from all motorcycle operators to guarantee the protection of pedestrians.


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