Man impregnates own daughter after she was molested

For molesting her many times, which led in her 32, A woman has dragged her dad before Chief Magistrate Court 10.

Aside from her dad, her brother who's currently at high of molesting her between January 2019 and December 2018 was accused by the woman.

Pleading her case prior to the Bolari Area Court that was registered in September, the 17-year-old woman said her dad began having affair with her after she reported that her husband, Yusuf, was slipping into her room in the night to have carnal knowledge of her

She said he threatened to disown her she tried to resist the affair with her daddy.

The sufferer told North East Trust when she noticed she has conceived a child, she chose to report the duo and the two of them refused to accept responsibility.

My brother and my dad have slept several times that contributed to the pregnancy. I advised them all declined to accept responsibility, so I chose to report them to court," she explained.

The court denied the allegation when requested by the Bolari Area Court. According to him ought to be held accountable.

Ibrahim Yunusa absolved his son whenever the woman's pregnancy has been confirmed, stating, her brother wasn't in town.

He affirmed that she informed him that her brother slept with her. He told the court he gave the woman's mother, who had been cash, his ex-wife.

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Hence, the court passed the case to the police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for appropriate investigation of this situation.

Daurabo Suleiman Sikam, who presided over the situation adjourned the case allowing police to complete their analysis and seek counsel in the Ministry of Justice of the state.


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