Nigerian pastor shares his encounter with a lady

A Nigerian evangelist,'' Dr Gospel Agochukwu has shared his own experience with a former"sex worker" at Abuja.

According Agochukwu the sex worker knocked on his door with the intention of sleeping with him to. He said that he spent minutes preaching God's word into the woman and at almost no time, she began campaigning in tears.

Arochukwu added that the life of the lady altered as she stopped prostitution and became'born again.

The woman is located in London and married.

Read his article below:

I heard a knock which evening watched that a fair height woman she said I Wish to keep you business and about I opened up the door; I requested

"what exactly do you mean?
For you o'shebi na you dey this your room I answered yes she said let's do all night 40k or time 10k She answered nawa.

I was ashamed I had been thinking is that how this resort run their solutions by providing you girl without additional fees...

I missed my trip to preach to my buddy Apostle Benedict tweh
So the following moment, I needed to get a resort to fly.

I told the woman"wrong area, I'm a warrior she explained,
Pastor no de like?
Cold no de capture you?

I advised her to sit , she sat blowing off chewing gum such as an I told her I log period if she'll give me a time and will pay her.

She concurred the bible was taken by me and told her to start John 3:16.

Her face changed I told her do not stress my boss will cover, she did not understand I mean (Pay for her sins)

I talked for 30 mins preaching God's word for her she began urinating in tears to her .

Just her load is being carried by her.
She promised and led her and pledged never to return to sin.

She explained no papa pls I do not need it when I gave her cash.

We never talked although she took my number.
I was going to look at my hotel in Abuja when somebody hurried me and hugged me wearing uniform with the other guy Now?

She explained papa it is me you met in abuja at resort that is my spouse. I had been dazzled she introduced the husband and me and educated me what occurred

The guy works in an oil firm who had been among her Patronizers within her sex industry after she obtained converted she converted the brother, preached to him and he repented even became a warrior at a Church thy began relationship that ended up in union they located in London and also have a young child.

The man arrived for a Company meeting.


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