Astra WordPress Theme Review

For your site or company site isn't a simple endeavor. There are an infinite number of themes on the market, which might appear great, but if you begin using it, you understand it isn't your cup of tea.

None the less, a lot of theme developers advocate their particular motif frame, which is likewise not an idle option, as following a couple of years, the frame gets obsolete as a result of absence of routine upgrade.

That's the reason why, it's of extreme importance for you to know about those topics, and frameworks, that will exist for several years. For a lengthy time period, Genesis was one particular frame, and today I believe it's the age of Astra topics.

I recently utilized the Astra motif on a few of my market sites (I changed out of Genesis into Astra), and it was a terrific choice. I feel now in the event that you need to select a theme for the next job, Astra ought to be your selection.

But why?

Well, you'll discover it soon...

Now, I am discussing an in-depth review of this Astra WordPress topic, and that I can assist you to determine whether Astra is the theme for your website.

The very best thing about Astra is, it's a free WordPress theme, and run with some of the smartest individuals of WordPress market.

You will find out more about some of the greatest reasons why Astra is indeed common. Afterward, I will take you hands-on and explain to you how it functions, in addition, to help you pick between Astra free versus Guru.

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Astra is among the most common free WordPress topics in life. In Reality, if you go to the theme directory, Astra is your highest-ranking third party theme -- the sole themes facing it would be the default WordPress topics:

Astra is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, meaning that you use it for just about any kind of WordPress website. You may use it to get a tech blog or a style shop or a guitar may do whatever you want it to.

In my view, there are four variables that describe Astra's achievement:

Possessing a fast-loading WordPress website is vital, therefore this alone is currently a massive advantage.
Starter websites -- Astra includes countless importable demonstration websites that help you quickly begin. This is part of what constitutes Astra therefore elastic.
Customization options -- Astra allows you to customize what about your website working with the real-time WordPress Customizer. This allows for simple, code-free customization.
The Astra motif can be obtained at no cost at

If you would like to have more features, then you can buy Astra Pro, which will be a formal plugin which extends the free motif with new programs, design choices, and designs.

Astra Pro prices $59, which permits you to use it on unlimited sites.

After in this Astra motif review, I will reveal to you the newest features which you get with Guru and help you pick between Astra free from Guru.

Within this part, I'll expand on the four attributes that I believe make Astra so hot. Afterward, I will take you through the way the Astra motif works in another section.

1. Performance
As your website's base, your motif plays a huge part in how fast (or slowly) your WordPress website loads.

Owing to that, among the first things you ought to look at with almost any motif is its own functionality optimization.

When it comes to performance optimization, Astra is one of the quickest WordPress topics which you will find.

Astra is below 50 KB, follows performance and coding best practices, and utilizes no jQuery.

To evaluate Astra's functionality, I set up a test site and conducted performance evaluations for two situations:

The out-of-the-box subject after initially installing it onto a new WordPress website.
Among Astra's complimentary importable demonstration websites.
For each test scenario, I conducted six distinct tests with WebPageTest and required the median page loading time.

But, it is not a very realistic test situation because Astra's first settings are absolutely basic. On a true site, you'd have much more content.

To better evaluate Astra's functionality in a"real-world" situation, I snapped the Traveling Blog demo site assembled using the native WordPress block editor.

Together with the entire demonstration website, my test website still packed in only 1.377 minutes using a page size of 1.720 MB and 50 HTTP requests.

Overall, Astra is among the speediest WordPress topics on the market.

I've analyzed some topics which are a bit quicker than Astra. But when you blend Astra's flexibility using its performance, I believe that you'll struggle to get another theme that provides a better mix.

2. Starter Websites
The majority of individuals don't have enough time or understanding to design their own sites from scratch.

To assist you immediately launch a great-looking site, Astra includes countless pre-built demo websites which you are able to import with only a couple of clicks.

The most exceptional thing about Astra's beginner templates is they're constructed using either a webpage builder or the native WordPress block editor.

This usually means you may easily customize all the demo content utilizing a visual, drag-and-drop -- no code required.

But, there is also a Fantastic Choice of newcomer websites powered by:

In total, the Astra motif provides you access to 280+ importable demonstration websites (although some of those demonstration sites are replicated across different tools).

You may discover demonstration sites for all kinds of markets and use instances. As an instance:

Traveling blog
Digital service
WooCommerce shop
...many more
If you would like to find out what your choices are, you are able to research all the demo websites here.

3. Customization Options
Astra is a multipurpose WordPress motif, meaning you could use it to get all from a site into an eCommerce shop to an internet class and much more.

What is more, it is possible to adapt it to various niches -- Astra can get the job done just as well to get a style and lifestyle site since it can get a tech website.

So how do Astra be so flexible?

You already heard one portion of this mystery -- the countless importable newcomer websites. However, another thing that makes Astra so adaptable is its own detailed options from the native WordPress theme customizer.

From the Customizer, you will get a slew of options for controlling your website's:

Since all of these configurations Can Be Found in the real-time WordPress Customizer, you will Have the Ability to see how each option that you make impacts your website with a live preview:

Astra is constructed to match nicely with WordPress site builder plugins, which provides you the choice to design your articles with drag-and-drop.

Whenever you make a new page or post, Astra provides you comprehensive choices that enable you to control the picture for your own page builder.

To begin with, you are able to select between different designs. By way of instance, you may disable your sidebar and utilize a full-width canvas so you are able to take more than everything with your favorite page builder.

Secondly, it is possible to disable certain pieces of your article, such as the article name or your website's header.

Now that you understand a few of the standout features of this Astra motif, let us create this Astra motif review a bit more hands-on.

Within this part, I'll reveal to you the way the Astra motif works on a real WordPress website.

After installing Astra, among the first things you'll want to do is import among those countless starter websites.

The port for importing demonstration websites is user friendly and provides you a few handy options for selecting what to export.

Pick certain webpages to import. E.g. you can import the homepage and around the webpage, but maybe not the page.
Just import the Customizer configurations. This will allow you to create your subject's header, footer, and standard layout/style options seem like the demonstration website. But it would not import the presentation content.
To get the starter websites, you will have to set up the distinct Starter Templates plugin from

From that point, you can visit Look → Starter Templates.

To begin with, you're going to be asked to select your favorite content editor. If You Choose to import the demonstration content for your Website, It'll Be built using the editor which you choose:

The listing of beginner sites is not exactly the exact same for every tool -- Elementor has the greatest collection of beginner sites by a fantastic margin.

As soon as you choose the editor of your article, you will see a listing of all of the newcomer websites which are readily available for that application.

As soon as you find a layout that you'd like, you can click it to open a larger preview and then see the import choices.

Publish the Complete demonstration site by clicking on the Import Entire Site button.
Pick a particular layout from the Page Templates listing and import that Elementor template.
If You Decide to import the whole Website, you will additionally get some choices to select what to import:

Utilizing the WordPress Customizer
As Soon as You've imported a presentation site (or determined you need to design your website from scratch), you can handle all Astra's additional settings in the real-time WordPress Customizer:

This allows you easily change your website's layout without having to know any code.

For Instance, If you start the settings to your header, then you can pick from a few different design options:

There are a whole lot of choices here, so you're going to want to completely explore this region.

Additionally, this is among those pieces of Astra that may feel a little overwhelming since there are many alternatives.

As opposed to attempting to configure everything from scratch, then I would advise locating a bespoke starter website where you enjoy the simple layout. Then, it is possible to import only the WordPress Customizer configurations for this particular demonstration website.

As soon as you've got these Customizer settings as your base, you may simply go in and make modest adjustments as needed.

Assessing the Premium Characteristics
If you update to Astra Guru, you will receive access to quite a few new capabilities. Each of these attributes is modular, meaning you could enable/disable every attribute.

To control which attributes to empower, you can visit Look → Astra Options:

By way of instance, if you allow the Blog Guru module, then you're going to acquire new designs and options to control the way your blog archive looks.

You get three Distinct designs, Together with options to empower certain metadata, management featured picture dimensions, and much more:

Other Guru modules offer a similar degree of customization choices for:

As I mentioned previously, the Astra motif can be obtained at no cost at

Then, you have the choice of buying the Astro Guru, which will be a plugin that extends the motif with fresh features and choices.

So...that should you use in regards to Astra free versus Pro?

Well, you may definitely use the free version to make a great-looking site. The free version remains performance-friendly and provides you access to an enormous number of newcomer websites.

If you, as an instance, locate a free blogging starter website that you adore, there is no reason you have to update to Astra Pro.

So what are a few reasons that you may want to update to Astra Guru, then?

First, If You Would like to Construct your own layout from scratch, or you also want to greatly modify among those newcomer sites, subsequently Astra Pro just normally Provides you Much More flexibility when it comes to:

By way of instance, the Pro version includes many new site designs, which provides you more control over what your personal blog posts and site listing resemble.

In general, if you would like to personalize your website beyond what is offered from the free starter websites, you're going to be a whole lot happier with the Pro version.

The second major reason to update to Astra Guru is to get the integrations.

You will absolutely need to update to Astra Pro if you are constructing a website based on:

Though the free version provides you limited integrations for everyone those plugins, the additional features and integration capacities in Astra Guru are certainly worth the cost.

In the end, if you are a programmer, Astra Guru gives you a few other helpful options, such as the capability to inject code to Astra's numerous hooks.

It is possible to see a comprehensive comparison of all of the attributes in free vs Guru on this page.

In general, there is a reason why the Astra motif has grown so fast to become active on over 800,000 websites while keeping an ideal 5-star evaluation on nearly 4,000 testimonials at

Download Astra motif for free

It is multipurpose, quick, flexible, and integrates with popular webpage plugins and builders.

1 aspect to consider is that, in case you do not find a demo site which you adore, it may feel a little overwhelming to attempt and prepare all Astra's customization choices on your own.

When you initially set up the Astra motif, it appears quite basic, which may confuse some folks. You won't have a gorgeous theme right from the box using Astra.

If you are not likely to use a demonstration website, that means you will want to spend some time researching each of the choices from the WordPress Customizer.

You may use it to make any sort of site as it's so adaptable.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with Astra's numerous customization options, you may import among those countless pre-built demonstration websites to simplify the installation procedure. With only a couple of clicks, you'll have this gorgeous site that you envisioned.

Or, if you would like complete control, you can command each bit of your motif using the real-time WordPress Customizer. It requires a while to research all the choices that Astra provides you, but you're going to have the ability to customize almost everything about your website without creating a line of code (particularly with Astra Guru ).


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